Is water really necessary?


As we approach the July 4th holiday, many of us will engage in outdoor activities in the sweltering heat.  If you are among the pregnant population, water is vital!  Let me first say, there is NO substitute for water!  I repeat, there is NO substitute for water!  Think of water like oil for your car.  Without oil, your car cannot run efficiently.  Water has the same effect on the body!

Without an adequate amount of water, dehydration will develop.  What are the typical signs of dehydration that pregnant women experience?  Let me tell you!  Headaches, dizziness, joint aches, and pains are among the most common.  The most serious side effect is contractions.  Most of the time, this can be corrected with hydration (with water) or intravenous fluids.  Who wants to spend their holiday weekend on Labor & Delivery getting fluids when you could be celebrating with your family?  Lack of water can also lead to frequent bladder infections, which can also lead to contractions.

Many pregnant women have the misconception that if they drink more soda or juice this will be good enough.  Unfortunately, they are wrong.  These sugar-filled drinks and enormous amounts of salt in soda lead to sugar spikes and excessive salt intake.  The fluctuations in the sugar levels lead to dizziness, headaches, and feeling bad in general.  The extra salt leads to excessive swelling.  

The main complaint I hear from my patients is they don't like the way water taste!  IT HAS NO TASTE!  It is not supposed to taste like soda or juice.  Its purpose is to nourish the body.   Let's change the way we think about is a vital component that our body needs to thrive at its highest level.  Pregnancy discomforts can be hard enough without the added complications of dehydration.  To all you pregnant women out there, drink up!  When you think you've had enough, drink another bottle just for baby!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July! 

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  • Pamela Lacy
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