Embé 2-Way Baby Swaddle

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  • BEST ALL-SEASON SWADDLE: Thanks to our patented 2-way design, this swaddle can function with your baby’s legs in the sack for warmth, or with legs out to assist cooling and heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating which has been linked to SIDS
  • PREVENTS HIP DYSPLASIA: A generous heart shaped leg pouch aids in healthy hip and leg development; a no-breakout zipper and Velcro swaddle wing around the arms allows for the hips and legs to move freely to prevent hip issues
  • STAYS IN PLACE DURING SLEEP: Unlike traditional swaddle or muslin blankets, our no rise neckline prevents fabric from rising up over baby’s face or unraveling during sleep, allowing for a safe, full night of rest for parents and infants
  • EASY DIAPER CHANGE WITHOUT UNSWADDLING: Our revolutionary design, whisper quiet snaps and Velcro, allow for baby to stay swaddled during a diaper change preventing hands from getting near their diaper and stay fast asleep
  • HIGH QUALITY, BREATHABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our swaddlers are meticulously constructed with the highest quality, breathable cotton combined with incredibly strong but quiet Velcro, and snaps that will not crack or break keeping baby cozy and safe.
Mint Stripe
Pink Giraffes
Pink & Mink Dahlias
Blue Elephants
$ 29.98

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