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I am Dr. Pamela Lacy, and I reside in Columbus, MS.   Mom 2 Be began as an idea in my mind years ago.  Being an Obstetrician/Gynecologist in a small town, it became very frustrating to see my patients not have a local maternity store to address their needs.  The idea grew in my heart and the good Lord nurtured it!  I presented the idea to my husband, Leroy,  and he supported it 100%!  He agreed to give up his current career to run the store on a daily basis.  I was even able to convince my retired mother to become a part of the family business.  

So now that you know our origin, let me tell you about the store.  Mom 2 Be is a maternity store that addresses all your maternity care needs.  The actual storefront is located in Columbus, MS.  Purchases can also be made online.  From maternity and nursing wear to newborn gifts, we've got you covered.  The clothing lines are Before-and-After wear, which means they can be worn during pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.  Our main goal is to carry stylish maternity wear that is affordable and can be worn beyond nine months.  So when you shop at Mom 2 Be, you have confidence in knowing that you are making a sound investment in maternity wear that you can continue to use long after the baby is born.

Mom 2 Be also carry items that help alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy.  Belly bands, back braces, and compression socks and tights can make such a difference in your pregnancy.  Mom 2 Be also sells breastpumps and accessories required to make breastfeeding a success.   We also have natural supplements that aid with milk production.  Check out our selection of nursing bras.   We carry nursing pillows and Pello pillows, which can be continuously used as your baby grows into a toddler. Baby carriers and swaddles are also available.

Mom 2 Be carries a wide selection of newborn items to make sure you give the perfect shower gift.  From the traditional rattle to plush stuffed animals.  You are sure to find the perfect gift for the new arrival.  We also carry a great selection of highly fashionable baby bags.  Baby shower gift registry i also available.

Mom 2 Be will soon be affiliated with Mothers' Milk Bank of Mississippi.  We are proud to become a milk depot station for moms to donate excess breast milk, which is used to feed premature infants.  Being able to donate breast milk is the ultimate gift! Not only do you give your own baby the best nourishment, you provide breastmilk to premature infants, which is superior to formula.  Breast milk decreases infections and complications that are common in premature infants.  For more information or to become a donor, please visit

Contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Address: 449 Wilkins-Wise Road Columbus, MS 39705

Phone: 662.570.4991        Fax: 662.570.4992

Store Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Facebook: mom2bematernity
Instagram: momtwobee


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