Baby K'Tan 3-in-1 Nursing Cover, Burp Cloth, Blankie

Product Description
Nursing Cover
Unlike other nursing covers, the K'tanCloth attaches to the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier and other baby carriers enabling discreet nursing while on the go! The K'tanCloth boasts a streamline design, making it smaller than most nursing covers, yet with just the right amount of coverage! The K'tanCloth also promotes successful breastfeeding by reducing distractions.

Burp Cloth with Pocket
Unlike most burp cloths, the Baby K’tan K’tanCloth has a unique open-pocket design - the pocket remains open when hanging vertically over your shoulder. This unique feature protects your clothes by catching those messy spit-ups!

Soft Blankie
Don't worry about losing your child's favorite K'tanCloth blankie while on the go, simply velcro it to your baby carrier, carseat, diaper bag or similar straps! You can also use your K'tanCloth to shade your baby from the sun while resting in a baby carrier.
$ 12.99

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