Memoirs of a Working Mother by Linda Arrey

Product Description

 Fighting for Balance, Managing Expectations and Channeling Love


Memoirs of A Working Mother is the unfiltered and insightful truth, according to International Board Certified Life and Leadership Coach, Linda Arrey. As the founder of a diverse philanthropic organization for female leaders, Linda has long advocated for the discovery of balance and compassion for women thriving at home and in the workplace.

Through a robust offering of stories, strategies, and anecdotes, the pages of this book reveal the challenges and triumphs of finding balance with family, returning to work after childbirth, battling fibroids, and above all else, the quest to love the reflection in the mirror. Working mothers deserve to use their God-given talents to create sanctuaries of love for their families and to thrive outside of the home, guilt-free. After all, we wear the capes.

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